A hand holding a cup full of clouds
A hand holding a cup full of clouds
A cup of clouds, courtesy the amazing Diya banerjee

This is a collection of learnings over the last couple of years — multiple journeys, unforeseen roles, messed-up responsibilities, and more things that I have learned along the way.
This is not just a reflection, or a memoir, or an anecdote, nor is it intended to tell you what to do. These are conversations that have happened in my head, some gleaned from conversations with others, and others distilled from here, there, and everywhere. This is a documentation of insights and situations where I have stubbed my toes. …

I redesigned MyJio banner
I redesigned MyJio banner

I had long imagined using an excerpt from Lord of the Rings as the opening salvo in this case study, but since I am yet to succeed in that quest, here are a few disclaimers. The study and redesign are in no way associated with Jio and I took up this project in a personal capacity as a user of the App (who also happens to be keen on Design).
However, if someone from the Jio Team sees this and that helps in improving the product, would be glad that this was of help. …

The Fables homepage — an evolution that happened in a night.
The Fables homepage — an evolution that happened in a night.
The Fables homepage — an evolution that happened in a night. (Card Image on left taken from Google Images)

Fables is a project built in the course of a Hackathon in mid-June. The premise of the Hackathon was to build services, tools, and Hacks to aid the population, be it businesses, educationists, or the general populace in the time of the pandemic. And while exploring Tracks and brainstorming with my teammates — Adrish Dey and Alfarhan Zahedi, we came across the idea to build Fables.
Here is a demo video outlining our solution of what Fables was capable of — Demo Video 👓✈️

The Problem

While it was a time when COVID trackers and COVID tracker on steroids (metaphorically) were popping…

A Screen Sketch with Homer Simpson in the foreground, munching on a doughnut.
A Screen Sketch with Homer Simpson in the foreground, munching on a doughnut.
Is Homer Simpson a UX God?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there lived the cult of UX Gods, who watched with careful consideration all that humankind did to make UX better, or like a certain burst of Flashpoint, annihilated the principles.

But how about UI testing? Should you start testing how it all looks?

The answer, in a nutshell, is both a Yes and No.

Now, why is that, Dear Baby Yoda? You ask.

Yes because to some extent you need to actually test how your UI turns out, not just because how it looks, but how it appears in the bazillion different devices and screen sizes that are going to open your service/app…

watchOS vs. Wear OS?

Google’s efforts at creating the perfect Wearable far preceded the release of Apple Watch Series 1. In fact, it went ahead and showed the world the potential of wearables in the form of launching the famous (or infamous) Google Glass — The spectacle like contraption with a small computer and projection module built into the frame. Numerous companies have tried to realize the elusive potential of smart goggles, Snapchat with their Spectacles, Focals by North, and even Intel, who gave up on their glasses dream even after the promising prototype of the Vaunt glasses (Read more about this here).


Teachable Machines v2 landing page
Teachable Machines v2 landing page
Teachable Machine v2

Late in 2018, Google Creative Labs came out with the concept of Teachable Machines. A Web-based demo that allowed anyone to train a Neural Net into recognizing and distinguishing between three things and bring up suitable responses. It was a fun example to play around with and served to teach many the fundamentals of how Machine Learning works at a fairly high level of abstraction. …

April 28th, 2019
- “What do we do for this DevFest?”

August 4th, 2019
- “Ladies and gentlemen, Thank you for being a part of DevFest Kolkata 2019…”

It is difficult to discern a picture of what had transpired if you were not there on the field when the entire team was wrapping things up — tired, but happy. The weariness of pulling off a dream, seasoned with the joy of receiving the accolades they so rightfully deserve, and the sepia melancholy of the wait for DevFest’20. I guess, amid all the talk about what we did and what we…

Shuvam Manna

CS @ Heritage Institute of Technology. Product Designer, Winuall // Auth0 Ambassador. Learning ML. Loves music and photography. Star Wars Nerd.

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